Join a Waiting List for a ProGen Study Group - Combined Checklist and Application

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Additional ProGen Study Groups will be organized three or four times a year. If you would like to participate please review the Frequently Asked Questions page and the Lesson Samples then complete the checklist below.

Please use this checklist to determine if you are ready to participate in a ProGen Study Group. After completing the checklist you can submit the application to join the waiting list or you can clear the form and consider joining later.

First Name:
Last Name:
State abbreviation:
ZIP Code:
Preferred e-mail address:

Please answer the following questions about your genealogical experience. Participants are expected to:

Have conducted original family research that extends beyond my great-grandparents on at least two different lines.
No     Yes

Have conducted research in at least four repositories such as courthouses, archives, and libraries.
No     Yes

Document their research findings with proper source citations.
No     Yes    

Have experience with seven of the following record types including a good understanding of them, knowing where to access them, and what information can be obtained from them:
No     Yes - Check all that apply:    
     Vitals     Church     Land    
     Probate     Military     Newspaper
     Census     Immigration     Cemetery
     Court     Tax      

Have the desire and ability to produce professional level work.
No     Yes    

Have 20 hours per month to dedicate to the ProGen Study Program for the next nineteen months.
No     Yes    

Be willing to complete ALL assignments on including assignments on business development such as:
     business plans, marketing plans and mission statements
No     Yes    

If you have answered YES to all of the above questions please continue with the checklist. If you have not answered yes to all of the questions above, you are probably not yet ready for the ProGen Study Group.

Many ProGen Study Group participants have also done the following. Check each box that applies to you:

Read and study articles from scholarly journals such as the NGS Quarterly, The American Genealogist, The Genealogist, the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record or The New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
No     Yes    

Completed a genealogy research course such as the NGS American Genealogy course (16 lessons), the Boston University (BU) Genealogical Research Program, the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (NIGS) certificate courses, or similar program.
No     Yes - check all that apply:
     NGS American Genealogy   
     BU Genealogical Research Program    
     NIGS certificate   
     Other (please enter the name of other courses)   

Understand terminology such as primary and secondary information, original and derivative sources, and direct and indirect evidence.
No     Yes    

Attended national genealogy conferences (such as NGS, FGS, RootsTech, etc.)
No     Yes    

Attended genealogical institutes (such as NIGR, IGHR, SLIG, or GRIP).
No     Yes    

Have experience writing up their research findings in research reports or narrative form.
No     Yes    

While you do not need to have checked Yes to every box in the section above, it is helpful for you to see your experience level. If you determine that you are prepared to participate in a professional genealogy study group then complete the rest of the application below. If you aren't yet ready you can click the RESET button to clear the form and return later when you are ready. If you want to print a copy of the page for reference click the Print Page button.

If you are ready to participate in a ProGen Study Group please complete the rest of this form then click the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" button.
Are you currently taking genealogy clients?
No     Yes
Brief summary of your genealogical experience:

Experience researching in original records (including deeds, probates, etc.):

Experience researching in repositories such as courthouses, archives, and libraries:

Genealogical education (including self-study, conferences, courses, etc. not already checked above):

Professional genealogy goals:

Areas of genealogical and/or business expertise:

Reasons I would like to participate in a ProGen Study Group:

Number of hours each month you can commit to completing the reading assignments, practical assignments, reviewing your colleagues work while providing meaningful feedback, and participating in online discussion:

Click the SUBMIT APPLICATION button to request to be added to the waiting list for an upcoming ProGen Study Group.
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